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tAkE A siCk DAy

never mind that i hadn't taken so much...的中文翻译 never mind that i hadn't taken so much as a sick day 没关系,我没有花那么多作为一个生病的一天

/ May I have a day off?>> May I take three day's leave? / May I...4.one hour's off / one week's leave / ask for sick leave of three ...

requested sick day 请病假

I will have a day off from tomorrow to Febrary first.或Tomorrow I won't go to work until Febrary first.I hope you'll have a happily New Year ...

on a day off 本是放假请假的意思 on a day off sick 放病假 这里sick可以理解为伴随或者原因状语 望采纳


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